Crime Reduction Initiatives (CRI)

How a robust business methodology achieved outstanding growth for a health and social care charity.

David was chief executive of the charity CRI for 19 years during which time it grew from a small local organisation to a leading national provider of health and social care services with a turnover of £116m with reserves of £14m.

The outstanding growth of CRI under David’s leadership was the consequence of continual innovation in service development combined with David’s robust approach to business methodology, bringing a private sector rigour to the charity’s financial management, governance and performance.

During his tenure, service user numbers grew from 90 people per annum to 42,000 per week. The charity was prescribing Class A substitute medication to 18,000 people per week, making it the largest single specialist provider of addiction recovery services in the UK, including the NHS Trusts.

Outstanding service delivery driven by David’s relentless emphasis on service user impact ensured the charity topped the performance tables at the National Treatment Agency for nine successive years.

Prior to his departure, David set the wheels in motion on a future strategic direction for the charity as a mainstream health and social care provider, applying the charity’s innovative approach to behavioural change to people with a wider range of needs.